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Lovers Edition

This time we are celebrating all the Homostash lovers. Whether you already have a moustachioed lover or if you fancy finding one, this will be the perfect night for you!

For this special occasion we will be bringing you Brazilian DJ and producer Bad_Mix who will make sure the basement gets steamy with hot techno & acid tunes. He will be joined by Kasey Riot and resident Tafkanik who will create the perfect setting for a sweaty love affair.


Upstairs feel the love with colourful disco sounds provided by resident Pavliné - Dance Music and James aka Jimmy. They will be joined by sexy moustachioed go go dancer Danny Campbell-Fox who will make your heart race faster!

We have fake moustaches for those who can’t grow one ;-{) So no excuse to miss this one!


Homostash. For Homos, boys, girls, inbetweenies, homo sapiens and the moustachioed lovers.