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The project

Homostash is a multi platform project created and run by London based DJ and promoter Tafkanik & art director Rodrigo Branco. It features and brings together alternative culture and moustache lovers across the globe. The community can interact via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by submitting pictures, liking or sharing the online content in those virtual spaces. That way either proud moustache owners or simply facial hair enthusiasts can meet and follow daily news surrounding the theme.

Since its creation in 2014, Homostash has also been a London based party that delivers an open-minded, welcoming and fun atmosphere. The party’s main home is Dalston Superstore, an iconic LGBT club which has been awarded the top spot at Time Out London’s best London LGBT clubs list. Additionally, Homostash has a residency at one of the biggest London clubs, EGG London (among Top100 best clubs in the world according to DJ MAG) as part of the Berlin Berlin events. Furthermore, Homostash was awarded the honour of running the official event for LGBT History month UK at Five Miles in 2018.

The party is home to local and international DJs, as well as visual artists who showcase their work in forms of exhibitions
or audiovisual materials that match the vibe of the party.
Not only does it have great music,  focusing mainly on techno and tech house, but also an inspirational setting for anyone looking for fun and creative people. The party is also popular among celebrities and has been attended by several stars including: Skin (Skunk Anansie), Jake Shears (Scissor Sisters) and Hammed Sinno (Mashrou Leila). 

Homostash has also worked closely with and supported several charities, such as the Movember Foundation, Long Time No Syphilis, Positive East and Prepster.